Paul Salib - a Real Estate Executive with an Environmental Focus

Paul Salib

As a cofounder and managing partner of New York's Castellan Real Estate Partners, Paul Salib has presided over $750 million in debt and equity transactions. Placing emphasis on distressed properties, Paul Salib's firm deploys a large amount of capital into its properties with the goal of achieve long term capital appreciation.

Paul Salib strives for Castellan to be a "green" enterprise. The real estate business has a strong relationship with agencies such as the Community Environmental Center in Brooklyn and has received more than $1.7 million in grants as part of the New York State Weatherization Assistance Program.

Prior to cofounding Castellan, Paul Salib served two years as a senior vice president at Red Stone Partners, where he closed transactions totaling more than $1 billion in commercial real estate. Mr. Salib holds a master's degree in real estate finance and investment from New York University and is an assistant adjunct professor at the school's Schack Institute of Real Estate.